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in sensor technology

We are the world's only supplier of thin film Pyroelectric sensors, used to measure composition in gas, flame, food safety and fuel/oil in rugged environments

We are a globally respected innovator in sensor technology, enabling our clients to measure composition and movement. We have strong expertise in gas, flame, food safety and oil analysis applications, and our products can be used for measuring the composition of most fluids, gases and solids. We pride ourselves on producing market leading products that do the job first time round, so it's no surprise that shareholders include brands like Bosch and Siemens.

The applications for our technology can range from in-home to outer space and since 2008 we have brought over 170 patents to market. If you need accurate detection or measurement, speak to our team who can deliver an immediate return on investment with long-term scalable growth.


Introducing ezPyro, the world's smallest, digital, pyro-electric sensor family.



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