We are hiring - do you have what it takes to join our winning team?

Our team at Pyreos is expanding.  Our team is highly qualified, passionate, and driven by a desire to make things better for customers by innovating.  We like to hire great people – skilled, innovative, and fun to work with.  

Most of us are based in Edinburgh.  This beautiful cosmopolitan city is the captital of Scotland and its road, rail and air connections mean it's within easy reach of the rest of the UK. The quality of life is excellent.

We are currently recruiting in commercial positions and we’d love to hear from you if you have skills in this area.  But if you have other high quality skills which you think are relevant, and you believe you have what it takes, then please email us at  


Are you ready to satisfy more customers and untap new revenue streams by partnering with Pyreos as a distributor or rep?

We believe that building a great business requires high quality long term partners who understand their customers. Are you:

  • looking to build exciting new revenue streams
  • ready to partner and support our passive infrared technology within the touchless gesture control, spectroscopy and/or IR sensor markets
  • confident you have the right market knowledge or existing customer base and complementary product line

If the answer to all of these is yes then please contact us with more information so that we can explore the opportunities offered by working in partnership to grow Pyreos' market.