World’s smallest digital SMD pyroelectric infrared sensor

New from Pyreos - ezPyro, the world’s smallest digital SMD pyroelectric infrared sensors. Compared with other pyroelectric and thermopile sensors, this family has high sensitivity, faster response, lower power consumption, more configurability and easier integration which makes ezPyro a unique solution for gas, flame, motion and gesture detection.

Packing a great deal into a tiny package, ezPyro combines one or more pyroelectric sensor elements with a digital ASIC. Wavelength-specific sensing is achieved using factory configured optical filters. 

The I2C bus digital interface allows plug-and-play connectivity to microcontrollers. Each available channel can be individually configured. Another unique feature is that the sampling of multiple ezPyro sensors can easily be synchronized by distributing the clock signal of one ezPyro device to one or more others (“daisy-chaining”).

ezPyro is well suited to applications with low power budgets. Current consumption is well below 100 µA when fully activated and less than 1 µA in the lowest power mode. The low power modes come with fast wake up times and the innovative and configurable wake-up by signal (motion, gesture, ..) feature.

The unique thin film pyroelectric sensors inside ezPyro have fast response times, high sensitivity and SNR, and a large dynamic range. 

The ezPyro sensors are available in a number of configurations, including single sensors and 2 x 2 arrays. A number of application specific filter options are available. For instance there are specific filters for the detection of gases such as CO, CO2, CH4 and NO. 


  • Smallest SMD pyroelectric sensor
  • Smallest digital pyroelectric sensor
  • Ultra-low power, sleep modes & wake-up by signal
  • Plug-and-play connectivity using the I2C bus interface & daisy chaining sensors
  • High quality thin film sensor elements offering short response times and high sensitivity to enable further system power savings through lower IR source duty cycles.
  • Fully configurable independent channels 


  • Gas sensing
  • Flame detection
  • Motion detection 
  • Gesture recognition




ezPyro factsheet

[1 MB PDF]


ezpyro flame sensor

[828.17 KB PDF]


ezPyro IR sensor for gas detection

[700.32 KB PDF]


ezpyro gesture sensor

[828.55 KB PDF]


ezpyro motion sensor

[827.34 KB PDF]


ezpyro sensors with broadband filters

[989.96 KB PDF]

Pixel and aperture configuration
either single pixel or 2x2 pixel configuration. Two aperture sizes for wide field or alternatively targeted sensing
Digital Interface
I2C digital interface for high speed and simple communication
Ultra Compact
Tiny surface mount package

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