Linear Array Components

Pyreos has a unique capability to manufacture un-cooled pyroelectric line array sensors that offer high performance right across the infrared spectrum. Our unique thin film pyroelectric material can be easily patterned to provide individual sensor pixels on the thermally isolating membrane layer of our sensor device.

By dispersing different wavelengths of light onto each sensor pixel, new, low cost, solid state IR spectrometers and IR imaging devices become possible. Our customers are using this breakthrough product to provide new analytical solutions in medical, industrial, and scientific fields.

The line arrays are housed in a standard metal dual in line 16 pin package, that outputs an amplified, analogue multiplexed signal. The arrays can be supplied with a variety of filter window options including NIR and mid-IR linear variable filters (LVF), as well more standard options such as anti-reflection coated Si or Ge windows. These line array products provide a radical new low cost alternative approach to building IR spectrometers and spectral analysers.


  • Strong sensitivity across the IR spectral region 
  • Fast operation & readout
  • Robust MEMs sensor structure 
  • Choice of resolution
  • Spectral engine with LVF    
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost uncooled solution 
  • Small size and weight


  • IR spectroscopy 
  • Medical diagnostics  
  • Diabetes monitoring
  • Laser line calibration 
  • Process monitoring 
  • Oil analysis
  • InGaAs replacement 
  • Terahertz imaging 
  • Security screening
Number of sensor elements Pixel Size Pitch Pixel Layout Advantages Standard Filter
12860 µm x 500 µm100 µmSingle pixel rowHigh sensitivity with LVF filter for spectroscopy

LVF 11-5.5 µm or 5-2.5µm

25550 µm x 417.5 µm100 µmStaggered pixelPixels with no spectral gaps

AR Silicon OR
AR Germanium

51010 µm x 867 µm25 µmSingle pixel rowHigh resolution in high energy systems

AR Silicon OR
AR Germanium



Pyreos Line Array Sensor – 128 Elements

[476.84 KB PDF]


Pyreos Line Array Sensor – 255 Elements

[469.63 KB PDF]


Pyreos Line Array Sensor – 510 Elements

[332.69 KB PDF]

Linear Variable Filter (LVF) 2.5µm-5µm or 5.5-11µm or broadband filter. Other filters are available on request.
Line array options
128, 255, 510 linear array.
Signal readout
CMOS amplifier and multiplexer IC, analogue signal output, rapid scan up to 1kHz.
Robust metal package with 16 pin dual in line connector.

Demo Kits

Pyreos has a range of easy-to use, pc compatible demonstration kits available immediately for rapid and full evaluation of our sensor technology. Our demonstration kits typically use standard and well known, off-the-shelf electronic components to take our sensor output signal and digitise it, so that it can be transfered and analysed via USB interface on a standard Windows based PC.

Case study 1

Ocean Optics MZ5-Miniature ATR spectrometer

Rapid, Accurate Mid-Infrared Analysis

MZ5-ATR MIR Spectrometer overview

MZ5-ATR Spectrometer Video


case study 2

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser

Simultaneous testing of base number (BN), total acid number (TAN), insolubles, soot loading, viscosity, FAME and water content of oil samples on board a ship, allowing all parameters to be measured using a single sample and in one test kit

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser for oil