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Pyreos, the Edinburgh-based passive infrared sensor developer and manufacturer, has launched an open API. This embedded software library allows customers to work with its ezPyro thin-film mid-infrared sensors at the software level.
Pyreos, the Edinburgh-based passive infrared sensor developer, is unveiling a modular prototyping system that will make it easier and faster for customers to develop digital applications around its ezPyro sensor family.
Pyreos, the Edinburgh-based passive infra-red sensor developer, has won its first volume contract for its two-chip ezPyro sensor...
High sensitivity Ethylene detection for Food Safety and Agriculture.
We're delighted to see another paper about how leading scientists developed innovative ways to achieve much better performance in...
Pyreos Estercheck Neon Technology
Stanhope-Seta, which designs and manufactures petroleum test and quality control instruments, and Pyreos, the world’s only...

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