Analogue TO-39 Packaged sensors

Single, dual & quad channel

What do we offer?

Pyreos offers a full range of analogue TO packaged sensors from single to quad channel in the common sized TO-39 packages. Our products are reliable and easy to use. They all benefit from both the advanced performance of our thin film pyroelectric sensor and the integration of a front-end operational amplifier within the package.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Together this provides a compelling competitive advantage offering extremely strong responsivity, fast frequency of operation and unparalleled robustness, allowing our customers to set new performance limits in terms of measurement resolution, temperature range, and real-time analysis.

Can sensors be tailored to your requirements?

All of our sensors are available with a wide choice of filters, and with options for all common gases, including CO2, toxic, flammable and refrigerant gases. Our team can also source filters for your NDIR gas or liquid analysis application. 


  • High responsivity & S/N ratio
  • Robust – low microphonics
  • Reliable & easy to use 
  • Operational from 1-20 Hz
  • Wide filter choice 
  • Extended temperature range 
  • Less external gain required
  • Rapid supply to customers


  • NDIR gas detection 
  • NDIR pellistor replacements
  • Automotive gas analysis
  • Medical IR analysis 
  • Anaesthesia
  • Fluid analysis
  • THz detection
  • Energy measurement
  • Miniaturised designs
  Sensor Element Size Filter Aperture Package
Single 1000 x 1000 µm 2.5 mm ø TO39
Dual 1000 x 1000 µm 2.6 x 2.6 mm TO39
Quad 700 x 325 µm 1.4 x 1.4 mm TO39



Pyreos IR sensor for gas detection - one channel (PDF)

[492.19 KB PDF]


Pyreos IR sensor for gas detection - two channel (PDF)

[496.33 KB PDF]


Pyreos IR sensor for gas detection - four channel (PDF)

[477 KB PDF]


Pyreos Flame Sensor - One Channel (PDF)

[587.23 KB PDF]


Pyreos Flame Sensor - Four Channel (PDF)

[485.98 KB PDF]


Consumer breath analysis

At Pyreos, we provide the sensor expertise within consumer breath analysis products. Our sensor and emitter die enables smaller, more reliable and more versatile possiblilities for companies wishing to develop innovative applications within this field.

Gas Sensing

Pyreos sensor and emitter products are helping our customers achieve ground breaking performance improvements in detection limits and reliability, as well as enabling innovative new product form factors.

Anaesthesia Monitoring

Pyreos’ range of high performance NDIR gas sensor and blackbody IR emitter components provide new possibilities to accurately and continuously monitor critical levels of anaesthetic gases and simultaneously monitor patient ventilation and wellbeing.

Patient Monitoring

Pyreos IR sensors and emitters combine to provide low cost, accurate, continuous gas measurement that can add to patient safety in hospital and ambulatory environments. Our sensors offer low cost, reliable ppm level measurement that can extend the use of CO2 , CO and N2O monitoring to further ensure patient safety at all times.

Demo Kits

Pyreos has a range of eay-to use, pc compatible demonstration kits available immediately for rapid and full evaluation of our sensor technology. Our demonstration kits typically use standard and well known, off- the shelf electronic components to take our sensor output signal and digitise it, so that it can be transfered and analysed via USB interface on a standard Windows based PC.

Case study 1

Ocean Optics MZ5-Miniature ATR spectrometer

Rapid, Accurate Mid-Infrared Analysis

MZ5-ATR MIR Spectrometer overview

MZ5-ATR Spectrometer Video


case study 2

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser

Simultaneous testing of base number (BN), total acid number (TAN), insolubles, soot loading, viscosity, FAME and water content of oil samples on board a ship, allowing all parameters to be measured using a single sample and in one test kit

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser for oil