Sensors Surface Mount

Pyreos pyroelectric thin film IR sensors have MEMs device structure that contributes to their overall robustness and reliability. An enhanced ability to withstand high temperatures and a manufacturing process compatible with high volumes makes Pyreos surface mount pyroelectric IR sensors ideal for many applications.

Pyreos surface mountable sensors are available in two forms; as the new miniature digital ezPyro package and as the quad channel sensor


What makes our sensors different?


New from Pyreos - ezPyro, the world’s smallest digital SMD pyroelectric infrared sensors. Compared with other pyroelectric and thermopile sensors, this family has high sensitivity, faster response, lower power consumption, more configurability and easier integration which makes ezPyro a unique solution for gas, flame, motion and gesture detection.

Packing a great deal into a tiny package, ezPyro combines one or more pyroelectric sensor elements with a digital ASIC. Wavelength-specific sensing is achieved using factory configured optical filters. 

Visit the ezPyro page to find out more, link


Quad Channel

Our surface mount quad channel sensor in a low profile package offers an improved Field of View, particularly important in flame detection applications. Four sensing channels integrated in this package give a similar footprint to the usual three single TO packaged IR devices, enabling innovation in final product design and function.

Key features and benefits

  • Smallest SMD pyroelectric sensor
  • Smallest digital pyroelectric sensor
  • Ultra-low power, sleep modes & wake-up by signal
  • Plug-and-play connectivity using the I2C bus interface & daisy chaining sensors
  • High quality thin film sensor elements offering short response times and high sensitivity to enable further system power savings through lower IR source duty cycles.
  • Fully configurable independent channel



Pyreos Flame Sensor- Four Channel

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Infrared flame detection is the pre-eminent method of ensuring industrial safety in the most hazardous environments. Pyreos sensor components offer class leading performance in flame detection, wide field of view, and greater immunity to the causes of false alarms.

Gas Sensing

Pyreos sensor and emitter products are helping our customers achieve ground breaking performance improvements in detection limits and reliability, as well as enabling innovative new product form factors.

Emissions Monitoring

If you need help with the size, cost or performance of your emissions monitoring measurement systems, Pyreos is here to help you find a solution. Our range of robust, low cost, mid IR spectrometers are class leading NDIR gas sensors.

Patient Monitoring

Pyreos IR sensors and emitters combine to provide low cost, accurate, continuous gas measurement that can add to patient safety in hospital and ambulatory environments. Our sensors offer low cost, reliable ppm level measurement that can extend the use of CO2 , CO and N2O monitoring to further ensure patient safety at all times.

Demo Kit

Pyreos has a range of eay-to use, pc compatible demonstration kits available immediately for rapid and full evaluation of our sensor technology. Our demonstration kits typically use standard and well known, off- the shelf electronic components to take our sensor output signal and digitise it, so that it can be transfered and analysed via USB interface on a standard Windows based PC.

Case study 1

Ocean Optics MZ5-Miniature ATR spectrometer

Rapid, Accurate Mid-Infrared Analysis

MZ5-ATR MIR Spectrometer overview

MZ5-ATR Spectrometer Video


case study 2

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser

Simultaneous testing of base number (BN), total acid number (TAN), insolubles, soot loading, viscosity, FAME and water content of oil samples on board a ship, allowing all parameters to be measured using a single sample and in one test kit

Parker Kittiwake ATR Analyser for oil