COVID-19: Pyreos prioritises pyroelectric detectors for medical equipment customers

To support manufacturers of critical medical systems, especially capnography, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyreos is prioritising delivery of products for urgent medical work.  The safety of our Operations team is vital and we have increased safety measures at our offices in order to remain operational, with reduced on-site presence and staggered staff schedules.  All other staff are home-based and remain contactable as usual to provide full customer support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team for their continued commitment to our customers during this unprecedented time.

With this short-term focus on medical, we give 1st priority to standard products for medical systems and to providing our usual custom services such as non-standard filters and prototypes for medical applications.  Standard products for non-medical applications are also shipping, but as a second priority to medical work.  We are not currently accepting new orders for custom non-medical work. Currently we have only seen minor levels of disruption to our supply chain and we are monitoring this closely to prepare for any further impact.

Many products are available from stock thanks to our strong distribution network and an our own inventory. Nonetheless, with these rapid changes in demand, some lead times have extended.  Please contact your local distributor, check, or contact us directly for current leadtimes or if you have a special or urgent requirement.

We value the ongoing support of all our customers, suppliers, team and stakeholders and will keep you updated.

Main Pyreos medical applications are:

Capnography including popular choices, evaluation kits and prototyping systems
Handheld breath analysis
Markers in blood & body fluids

Built in world class foundries, our thin-film sensor components detect and analyse composition in gas, flame, food safety and oil applications.

They enable you to create smaller, higher-performance IR sensors, sensor modules and analysers which are easier to develop and need less calibration.

“Pyreos has helped us to save millions of dollars in new product development costs and to bring a highly innovative new product to market in a much faster timeframe than otherwise possible.

The new measurement product is strategically important to our business and we could not have launched this new product without the expertise, knowhow and commitment of the Pyreos team.”

Business Unit Manager, IR Linear Array customer.

A UK company, ISO-9001-2015 approved, with a supply chain across Europe and Asia

On Time Delivery record in the last 12 months: 98.5%

Single, dual and quad
IR TO39 detectors

Fast, responsive sensing in tough physical and thermal conditions. A choice of analogue or ultra-low power digital packages.

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Digital surface mount IR pyroelectric detectors

ezPyro™ – the world’s first digital surface mount pyroelectric packages combining one or more detectors with a digital conversion IC in an ultra-low power package.

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IR arrays

Fast, rugged sensors with no moving parts and high sensitivity enable you to build accurate, fast and economical handheld IR spectrometers and spectral analysers.

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