Pyreos Design Partners can accelerate and de-risk your development with design/integration services and application know-how

Pyreos is your first contact for applications and design support. For more extensive detailed applications support, design or integration services, Pyreos has worked with experts worldwide who have direct experience of designing, integrating or manufacturing systems with Pyreos detectors and are ready to share this with clients.

A selection of Partners is listed below and we would be delighted to put you in contact with them. Any relationship between you and them would be completely independent of Pyreos. We have no financial interest and accept no responsibility for ensuing discussions, relationships, agreements or services.


Patient Monitoring (Human, Veterinary, Lab Research)

Oil & Fuel Analysis

Spectrometry, including food and human milk/cows milk

Optoeletronic Devices (a range including wildfire detection)

Gunshot and muzzle flash detection systems

Embedded systems and PC software development

Pyreos has helped us to save millions of dollars in new product development costs and to bring a highly innovative new product to market in a much faster timeframe than otherwise possible.

The new measurement product is strategically important to our business and we could not have launched this new product without the expertise, knowhow and commitment of the Pyreos team.

Business Unit Manager, IR Linear Array customer,

I am familiar with analog IR detection systems and I was able to develop a product from the ezPyro range using the documentation, with no support, in just two months! This saved me money and allowed us to launch earlier.

Korean developer,

The API for the ezPyro ecosystem of SMDs and TO39s was exactly what I needed. We were able to protype quickly and move rapidly into production.

Indian developer,

As an early adopter firmly convinced from experience of the superiority of your products as they apply to NDIR and LVF spectrometry applications, I would be happy to recommend Pyreos. This is an opinion formulated after many tests and trials with comparisons to products from other vendors.

Director Advanced Technologies, Pyreos customer, USA,

We have been using Pyreos quad, dual and single detectors in our medical, veterinary and lab test gas analyzers for more than 6 years. The features which we value a lot are:

  • High sensitivity and very good signal to noise ratio. This allows us to construct a low noise front end electronics and signal processing combination, resulting in a stable gas analyzer.
  • Low sensitivity to temperature shock, which significantly simplifies the temperature compensation of the sensor device. The competitive devices suffer from temperature shock; the signal starts to drift until the temperature stabilizes. This requires building a temperature conservative environment for them to operate in. Pyreos devices are not sensitive to such shocks, and the mechanical design of the gas analyzer is therefore simplified.

In general, we would highly recommend Pyreos detectors for all kinds of gas measurements.

Owner, Pyreos customer, USA ,

The partnership with Pyreos has allowed [us] to accelerate our innovation agenda.

SVP, Spectrometer business,