Pyreos customers use our detectors for detection and measurement including a wide range of industrial gases, medical applications, IoT and environmental monitoring.

We offer a range of analogue TO-39, and digital SMD products targeted to detect a range of gases using the effect of infrared absorption. By fitting specific IR band-pass filters we can create detectors targeted at specific gases.

The entire range offers the highest speed and thus very low power consumption, instant start-up, exceptional responsivity and robustness due to the patented PZT crystal technology we have evolved. The MEMS structure gives our sensors peerless resistance to mechanical and thermal shock making them ideal for difficult environments where consistent, long-term high-performance is essential. Our systems also work better than any other uncooled detectors at high modulation frequencies.

Our TO-39 range is available in single, dual and quad channel configurations. With the dual setup offering a reference channel, and the quad range offers detection of multiple gases alongside a reference channel.

Our SMD digital ezPyro™ range offers extremely low energy consumption and configurable power saving modes in a uniquely small form factor.

Handheld SpO2 and ETCO2 Monitor