Infrared detection of muzzle flash

Muzzle flash contains one or more powerful infrared energy bursts which can be detected by Pyreos IR sensors without delay and remotely.

Our thin-film pyroelectric technology has very fast response. This means that the short IR impulses produced by a gunshot can be resolved more precisely than with other thermal detectors.

Pyreos ezPyro SMD sensors are ultra-low power, very small footprint pyroelectrics. The fastest pyroelectric sensors available, they are already in volume production indoor gunshot systems. They also can run in low power sleep mode and be “woken up” by an incoming flash.

Key features – ezPyro SMD

  • Power consumption – 3.5 to 22 µA
  • Small SMD package – 3.7 x 5.65 mm, 1.5 mm height
  • Time constant 10 ms
  • 15-23 bit ADC, 14 frame buffer
  • Interrupt – wake-up by motion or data flow control
  • Broad spectral sensitivity – 2µm to 15µm depending on filter choice

The fully integrated subsystem in an SMD package offers system cost advantage over other IR detectors. The system works as a fully integrated subsystem and benefits from a wide range of development tools including breakout boards and embedded code examples.

Fast design cycle with standard I2C serial interface and development tools

The industry standard I2C bus digital interface allows plug-and-play connectivity to most microcontrollers. Hardware-based communication is less software-intensive and reduces utilisation of microcontroller resources.

The fast development cycle of the ezPyro™ sensor family is supported by evaluation kits for flame, gas, motion and gesture detection. Other applications can be trialled using the ezPyro™ SMD prototyping system with up to 4 sensor breakout boards installed. Sensor evaluation without software development is enabled by Pyreos PC software.

ezPyro™ API is a firmware level driver providing access all functions of the integrated sensor system. No need to code command and register references before getting infrared signals out of your embedded development system!

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Networked gunfire detection and identification systems for indoor applications

Gunshots generate noise, shock, and muzzleflash. Pyreos IR sensors analyse the flash. This system is used in schools, malls, offices and retail.

Pyreos gunshot detection graphic