We have sensor expertise for hand-held breath analysis and breathing-rate measurement products for regulated medical uses and for non-medically-approved consumer uses. Applications include more efficient drug-dosing by actuating dosing to synchronise with breathing, and detecting selected biomarkers. We offer TO39 and SMD formats.  Our SMD detector range enables miniature low cost disposable handheld units. These very fast detectors give better resolution and accuracy, and fast start-up. The speed of our detectors also means that emitter cycles are shortened to save power and battery requirements. The detector is physically robust. Our customers are able to build smaller, cheaper disposable testers and dispensers with faster results and more efficient dosage.

New – upgraded analogue quad range with 4x larger pixel area

Pyreos is now sampling our new quad range which carries 4 x 1mm2 pixels.  This provides much higher SNR and the product is mechanically vastly simpler and more robust than competing products.  Datasheet download.   As well as the list of quads in the table below, a new, more extensive list of filter combinations is available.  The quad product range is expanding fast so if we do not list the you need then please contact us.