Home & Building Technology includes detection and measurement of gases and flames (fire).  Visit our Flame Detection page for fire detection or our motion detection page for these applications

Increased domestic gas sensing at very low costs is being driven by IoT and regulation. ezPyro™, the world’s first surface mount pyroelectric detectors, are the smallest pyroelectric detectors available and have ultra low power consumption. Pyroelectric sensors are increasingly competitive with thermopiles and provide much better speed, sensitivity and 10x lower power consumption. They can also be integrated into systems in a matter of weeks. This allows systems providers to measure CO2, CO, air quality and other gases, and with high sensitivity for low system costs. For more sensitivity, our analog TO39 products provide high resolution no requirement for recalibration.

New – upgraded analogue quad range with 4x larger pixel area

Pyreos is now sampling our new quad range which carries 4 x 1mm2 pixels.  This provides much higher SNR and the product is mechanically vastly simpler and more robust than competing products.  Datasheet download.   As well as the list of quads in the table below, a new, more extensive list of filter combinations is available.  The quad product range is expanding fast so if we do not list the you need then please contact us.

Standard product numbers are listed below by wavelength and application.  You can click through to access more information.

✔ – filter option can be configured on this product type. Please inquire by clicking here to contact us.

We also provide bespoke wavelengths not listed here.  If you need a different wavelength please contact us.

✔ – filter option can be configured on this product type. Please inquire by clicking here to contact us.

If you cannot find what you need here, please contact us.  We welcome custom filter requirements and can support rapid prototyping.

Networked gunfire detection and identification systems for indoor applications

Gunshots generate noise, shock, and muzzleflash. Pyreos IR sensors analyse the flash. This system is used in schools, malls, offices and retail.

Pyreos gunshot detection graphic