ezPyro SMD I2C infrared sensors are replacing IR photodiodes and thermopiles as low power proximity and approach detectors in IoT devices and appliances

Pyreos ezPyro SMD sensors are ultralow power, small pyroelectric sensors. The fastest pyroelectric sensors available, they are being used for fast human motion and gesture detection and medium range proximity / approach detection in high volume applications.

Customers who have supply problems with photon detectors and thermopiles are turning to our easy-to-develop I2C digital SMD subsystems.

ezPyro’s broader frequency range and wavelength range increases detection rates and solves false-negative issues.

Key features

  • Power consumption
    • single pixel – 3.5 to 22 µA
    • 2×2 array – 7.5 to 61 µA
    • power down – 1.1 µA
  • Small SMD package – 3.7 x 5.65 mm, 1.5 mm height
  • Wide frequency range from ~1Hz for proximity to >40Hz for gesture / beam crossing applications
  • 15-23 bit ADC, 14 frame buffer
  • Interrupt – wake-up by motion or data flow control
  • Broad spectral sensitivity – 2µm to 15µm depending on filter choice

Volume prices are competitive with low performance PIR detectors and yet ezPyro is a high performance digital SMD. The system works as a fully integrated subsystem and benefits from a wide range of development tools including breakout boards and embedded code examples.

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Pyreos infrared sensors detect human movement and are easy to integrate.

The ezPyro SMD range has good low frequency sensitivity, unparalleled high frequency sensitivity and software controlled filtering which allows frequency optimisation. It also has high range with or without optics. The world-first SMD range is the smallest pyroelectric sensor sub-system available and the detector provides the heart of ultra-low power systems.  Applications include presence, occupancy and people counting. A 2×2 pixel option offers directional motion, and can be used for counting and gesture.

Fully integrated subsystem

integrated analog front end (AFE) with ADC includes amplification, power management and on-the-fly filtering.  Saves external compinent cost, count andboard space (opamps, voltage regulator, voltage reference).  API ported onto ultra low power MCUs and portable onto 8 bit MCUs.

Easy to develop

The ezPyro range is quick to develop.  It’s fully software configurable with no hardware changes.  You can develop faster, easier and with lower cost. It uses the plug and play I2C protocol and a complete API software library is available, ported onto ultra low power MCUs. A complete set of development kits is available or every sensor is available on a small PCB with a flat cable connector for prototyping.

Standard product numbers are listed below by wavelength and application.  You can click through to access more information.

✔ – filter option can be configured on this product type. Please inquire by clicking here to contact us.

We also provide bespoke wavelengths not listed here.  If you need a different wavelength please contact us.

✔ – filter option can be configured on this product type. Please inquire by clicking here to contact us.

If you cannot find what you need here, please contact us.  We welcome custom filter requirements and can support rapid prototyping.

Networked gunfire detection and identification systems for indoor applications

Gunshots generate noise, shock, and muzzleflash. Pyreos IR sensors analyse the flash. This system is used in schools, malls, offices and retail.

Pyreos gunshot detection graphic