Pyreos infrared sensors detect human movement and are easy to integrate.

The ezPyro SMD range has good low frequency sensitivity, unparalleled high frequency sensitivity and software controlled filtering which allows frequency optimisation. It also has high range with or without optics. The world-first SMD range is the smallest pyroelectric sensor sub-system available and the detector provides the heart of ultra-low power systems.  Applications include presence, occupancy and people counting. A 2×2 pixel option offers directional motion, and can be used for counting and gesture.

Fully integrated subsystem

integrated analog front end (AFE) with ADC includes amplification, power management and on-the-fly filtering.  Saves external compinent cost, count andboard space (opamps, voltage regulator, voltage reference).  API ported onto ultra low power MCUs and portable onto 8 bit MCUs.

Easy to develop

The ezPyro range is quick to develop.  It’s fully software configurable with no hardware changes.  You can develop faster, easier and with lower cost. It uses the plug and play I2C protocol and a complete API software library is available, ported onto ultra low power MCUs. A complete set of development kits is available or every sensor is available on a small PCB with a flat cable connector for prototyping.