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Today we announced the appointment of Professor Roger Whatmore of Imperial College as Technology Advisor. Professor Whatmore completed his PhD at Cambridge and has a long-established, global reputation in pyroelectric sensing.  He has held research [...]

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Infrared sensing technology developments – September summarised

In this edition, we examine the importance of using IR to prevent a new wave of high-price food counterfeiting, to detect explosives, to see the history of our universe and to understand ancient cultures. 1) Bone spectra from archaeological digs unearth information on past cultures Our favourite story of the month was reported in Spectroscopy Europe, with infrared spectroscopy used as part of research undertaken on neolithic, copper age, Roman and medieval bone fragments, to [...]

Axetris emitter technology for liquid measurements uses Pyreos 128 pixel linear array

Axetris serves OEM customers with micro technology based (MEMS) infrared light sources, laser gas sensors, gas flow sensors & controllers and micro-optical components used in industrial, telecom, environmental, medical and automotive applications. They've developed a solution using Pyreos technology based on ATR that provides an affordable and portable solution to food producers, letting them control the quality of their products. Read all about it in the Axetris app note.

Infrared sensing technology developments – summarised

In our regular series we break down our favourite recent news and research from academic and trade journals- a collection of what you need to know and what has simply caught our eye. In this edition we examine the role IR plays in preventing malaria, identifying lethal contaminants in recreational drugs, the ability to better understand the additives / nutritional content in food and (our personal favourite) in advancing the understanding of Saturn and other [...]

Medical contamination and counterfeiting: specification considerations using infrared sensors to prevent it

The problems are large enough to have prompted reports such as this Forbes piece headlined: “Is Big Pharma Addicted To Fraud?”. As it states here, “over the past decade, whistleblowers and government investigations in the US have exposed a never-ending series of problems by numerous pharma companies in all facets of the industry, starting with fraudulent ‘research’ papers used to bolster marketing and continuing through to the manufacture of contaminated and defective products, the marketing [...]

Pyreos supports life-changing advances in tackling lung cancer and other major lung diseases

We're very proud to have played a part in Pulmon IR's major advancement in developing a low cost, clinical-grade, mid-infrared spectrometer using our sensor technology to analyse patients’ sputum. It can accurately detect lung cancer & other major lung diseases and also significantly reduce unnecessary treatments. Read more about this life-changing technology here. To find out how we can enable ground-breaking rapid, accurate analysis capability in a whole range of applications, please get in touch [...]

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