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The rise of biofuels and the resulting need for IR spectroscopy analysis

Ten years ago, biofuels were regarded as ideal low-carbon replacements for the liquid fossil fuels that power most of the world’s transport systems. But since then, concerns have grown that first-generation biofuels, which were made from food crops, were not as green as hoped. Indeed, when all factors relating to their production were considered, several sources (notably biofuels from palm oil, soybean and rapeseed) were found to be more polluting than crude oil and in [...]

Infrared sensing technology developments from September 2018 – summarised

1) Graphene is a potential substrate for next generation mid-IR sensors A paper in Nature Materials earlier this month has published research into the use of graphene as a substrate for mid-IR sensors. The work has been published by Yale University and Barcelona’s Institute of Photonics Sensors, who have created a graphene-based sensor operating at 12.2 µm and consists of arrays of plasmonic resonators. Measuring just 5 µm by 5 µm, the devices have shown [...]

7 specification considerations for food contamination detection systems using infrared sensors

Food contamination has made the headlines in recent years. Over the past decade, 36 significant contaminations have been collated on Wikipedia with these prompting anything from an international recall, to share prices falling, to (in at least two recent examples) death sentences being handed out. This month (September 2018) sees the 10th anniversary of what the World Health Organisation described as one of the largest food safety events it has had to deal with in [...]

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