Pyreos has bolstered its level of design support to customers by launching Pyreos Design Partners, a design and development referral service to accelerate and de-risk new product development across key market segments.

Complementing the range of development kits and technical design guidance already offered directly by Pyreos, the new service enables customers requiring more extensive support to choose between several trusted independent specialists who have direct experience in designing, integrating, or manufacturing systems with Pyreos detectors.

The Design Partners provide expert technical design support for Pyreos’ pyroelectric sensor solutions in optics and optoelectronics in general, and in applications including patient monitoring (human and veterinary), oil and fuel analysis, spectrometry (including food and dairy products), and wildfire detection. The application list is expected to grow as more partners join the programme.

“By recommending the involvement of specialist experts who have a deep experience of developing mid-infrared systems tailored to specific individual requirements, we are speeding up product development and providing project efficiencies and cost savings for customers,” said Keith Pruden, VP Sales at Pyreos. “From prototyping and production testing to troubleshooting and verification, the total range of services through this new design network can deliver complete project developments from conception to implementation.”

To benefit from the Pyreos Design Partners programme, or to become a partner, visit: