EPS Global, a global value-added distributor of semiconductor and IT components, today announced that it is joining Pyreos’s pan-European distribution network. Pyreos is the world’s only thin film pyroelectric sensor company meaning that it supplies the fastest, smallest such devices and has a unique digital integrated Surface Mount (SMD) range.

Pyreos sensors are used for gas and flame detection, for analysis of substances like engine oils, foodstuffs, blood and soil, and for motion detection. The Pyreos devices below are used in a wide variety of sensors and analysers.

ezPyro™ SMD, the world’s first surface mount (SMD) pyroelectric sensor and the world’s smallest digital SMD pyroelectric sensor sized at just 5.65mm x 3.70mm x 1.55mm. Compared with other pyroelectric and thermopile sensors, this family has high sensitivity, faster response, fast switch-on, ultra-lower power consumption, more configurability and easier integration which makes ezPyro, a unique solution for gas, flame, motion and gesture detection.

Analog Sensors, Pyreos offers a full range of analogue TO packaged sensors from single to quad channel in the common sized TO-39 packages. Our products are reliable and easy to use. They all benefit from both the advanced performance of our thin film pyroelectric sensor, wide thermal operating ranges, very high stability, and the integration of a front-end operational amplifier within the package.

Linear Arrays, Pyreos has a unique range of un-cooled pyroelectric linear array sensors which offer high performance right across the infrared spectrum and especially in the mid infrared. These “spectrometers on a chip” enable low-cost hand-held analysers or spectrometers which are fast, battery powered and have no moving parts.

Commenting on the agreement, Colin Lynch, CEO at EPS Global said, “Our experienced team of FAEs and sales professionals provide the best solutions and the highest levels of service to our customers. Our partnership with Pyreos will prove invaluable as we support customers with gas, flame or motion sensing requirements”.

Keith Pruden, VP Sales at Pyreos, said “We have been impressed by EPS Global’s high technical skills and customer understanding.  They fill a key niche in Pyreos’ growing global distribution.  We look forward to a close relationship in the key European markets.”