Sampling new analogue quad range with 4.5x larger pixel area

Scotland –11th December 2019 – Pyreos, a manufacturer of miniature, rugged, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors with instant switch-on and ultra-low power consumption, today announced that it is taking orders for its newest range of four-channel (quad) pyroelectric detectors in TO-39 packaging and will ship the first samples this month.  Launched earlier this year, the products are targeted at gas and food analysis applications such as refrigerant detection, anaesthesia, exhaust gases, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Pyreos also announced that a pre-configured list of 30 filters is now available to order in any combination on the quad. This is to help customers experiment and to maximise the off-the-shelf choice available in short lead times. These filters cover common gasses, anaesthesia, refrigerants, and some non-gaseous applications such as food analysis.  The company also offers customer-specified filters where required.

The TO-39 range is expanding rapidly in response to customer demand, thanks to a significantly higher pixel area and signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio. It is particularly suited to the detection and analysis of diverse gases and foodstuffs with instant switch-on, long operational life and extended operating temperature range.

“The quad range provides an especially cost-effective solution for our customers working in multi-gas detection markets and we are providing this with an ever-increasing filter range,” said Andrew Wallace, CEO at Pyreos. “It has vastly simpler construction than competing devices due to our core technology, making it the most reliable detection solution available which can deliver outstanding performance records in terms of measurement, resolution, temperature range and real-time analysis.  Customers seeking smaller size and performance can also consider our digital ezPyroTM range”

Engineering samples are available for the TO-39 quad range with a four to eight week lead time. Product details are at and full filter/wavelength details are at or in the datasheet.

Listed filters can be reconfigured on request and for custom filters or for more information please contact