Today we announced the appointment of Professor Roger Whatmore of Imperial College as Technology Advisor.

Professor Whatmore completed his PhD at Cambridge and has a long-established, global reputation in pyroelectric sensing.  He has held research and leadership roles in leading academic institutes including Cranfield University, Tyndall National Institute (University College Cork) and Imperial College. He has also held commercial research and development positions for companies including Plessey and GEC Marconi and was a founding Director of Irisys Ltd, now part of Fluke.  Most recently, on July 11th the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining awarded him their premier award, the Platinum Medal, for his research contributions.

Together with the Pyreos leadership team, Professor Whatmore will help to shape the company’s technology strategy going forward, leveraging his forty years of experience in developing ferroelectrics and similar materials.

“We’re honoured to have Roger’s academic know-how and renowned technology leadership to strengthen our team and lead the company in the next technology step-change,” said John Phair, Chief Technology Officer at Pyreos. “Having already launched the world’s first SMD pyroelectric detector for gas, flame, food and oil, and more recently introduced our latest methane sensor range with four times SNR improvement, we can continue to evolve at pace with the help of Roger’s undisputed technical pedigree.”

“Since meeting Pyreos in 2016 and co-operating with the team through Imperial College on an Innovate UK funded project, I was impressed with how their products derive directly from the core pyroelectric technology which has been developed for over more than ten years,” said Professor Whatmore. “It’s exciting to influence how this will translate into the products of the future and I believe there is considerable further potential to improve the core products.”