Pyreos, the world’s first supplier of integrated digital SMD pyroelectric sensor subsystems for gas, flame, plus materials analysis applications, and supplier of the world’s smallest SMD pyroelectric detector, announces that it has expanded its refrigerant gas detection range and is now supplying extended-wavelength variants of its ultra-low power, low cost ezPyroTM digital SMD sensors optimised for the latest refrigerant gasses.


Regulation drives for new refrigerants which are costly and harder to detect

The global use of refrigerants in industrial and consumer products is criticised for its Global Warming Potential (GWP).  Regulatory changes are driving a change away from refrigerants with higher global warming characteristics such as CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) and HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), towards less environmentally-harmful refrigerant gasses.  Although these new gases are more environmentally-friendly, they are often more expensive, more flammable and sometimes more toxic than their predecessors.  This change creates new challenges for economically safe use and control.


Infrared Gas Sensing the leading method for A2L GWP refrigerants

Infrared gas sensing has become the dominant detection method for the most popular A2L group of low GWP refrigerants and it combines the highest selectivity with lowest total cost (TCO). This enables designers to obtain environmental benefits while using faster, more sensitive, detectors to maintain safety standards.  New levels of flammability and toxicity also require higher quantities of gas detectors covering more locations than before.  For example, unlike in the past, all HVAC maintenance systems will now require full-time gas leak detection.


Pyreos broad coverage in analog TO39 and digital SMD

Pyreos has been shipping refrigerant detectors for over 10 years and already supplies analog industrial detectors covering the 10 most popular refrigerant gasses as well as digital SMD detector formats for several of these gasses. Recently the company expanded its refrigerant range and extended its unique digital SMD format into the higher wavelengths using the new ezPyroTM SMD+ product. These high-wavelength products are now shipping.


The Pyreos range of sensors for refrigerants now includes R134A, R32, R1234yf, R410A, R600A, R290, R744, R717, R125 and more, all available in industry-standard analog TO39 1, 2 and 4 channel format.  Eight of these gasses are also now available as standard products in the integrated digital single channel SMD/SMD+ form factors, plus many more with custom filters.


Pyreos refrigerant / wavelength / product table.

Custom wavelengths available on request.

Refrigerant / wavelength / product table

Pyreos refrigerant / wavelength / product table

Custom Optics

The list of gasses and wavelengths is constantly growing.  Contact for updates.  For customers with very specific requirements, Pyreos supports by supplying detectors with customer-specified optical filters and can build bespoke filtered sample units prior to volume commitment.


Pyreos technology advantages

Very few technologies other than pyroelectrics can provide a single detection platform usable for all refrigerants because wavelengths range from 3um to 13um.  Pyreos is sole supplier of thin film pyroelectrics and these perform better than other pyroelectrics because of their core technology.  As GWP refrigerant gasses evolve, Pyreos will continue to expand its range on customer request.  This allows Pyreos customers to reuse development work, software and hardware to cover new gasses at very low cost.


Dual channel

Demand for dual channel SMD refrigerant detectors is also strong, with Pyreos SMD/SMD+ Dual Channel detectors now shipping as prototypes.


All Pyreos sensors have excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high responsivity which enables gas measurement in low concentration environments.  Pyreos uses unique thin film technology optimised for faster modulation than any other pyroelectric and thus enable faster, lower power systems. All ezPyro products feature integrated power management, filtering, and digital conversion.  More details are available at or from


Development Ecosystem

The acclaimed Pyreos prototyping and evaluation kits, available on Mouser, drive fast and trouble-free development.  Filter customisation options allow customisation for unusual gasses in any Pyreos footprint.


Pyreos can advise detection system designers in the use of suitable emitters to match with Pyreos detectors.