Pyreos has joined SEMI, the industry organisation serving the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

Becoming a SEMI Associate Member enables Pyreos to play a more prominent role in forging future international standards and complex technology roadmaps in various industries and participate in collaborative research to help accelerate new product development and improve supply chain management.

Pyreos values the role SEMI plays in the electronics industry by encouraging collaborations between partners and competitors, accelerating product development decisions, and fostering more robust standards and innovation within technical communities to help manage complexity, time-to-market, and cost challenges.

“On the strength of its global platform, SEMI is a community fostering stronger standards and innovation which can spur closer collaboration between partners and competitors in semiconductor industries,” said Andrew Wallace, CEO at Pyreos. “Fostering stronger standards and innovation, our membership participation will advance our networking capabilities across a wide range of industries, and provide greater encouragement to potential customers and partners to request support.”

Pyreos will also be showcasing its technology at the upcoming SEMI Technology Unites – Global Summit, scheduled to be held between February 15-19, 2021. More details about SEMI are available by visiting the website