Edinburgh-based Pyreos, the world’s only supplier of thin-film pyroelectric sensors, will be attending a spectroscopy workshop at the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems in Dresden, Germany on Tuesday 17 October.

The company, spun out from German industrial firm Siemens in 2007, will be presenting within a workshop entitled “Micro and nano technologies for applied spectroscopy” to inform its international delegates about the topic.

Attendees will include users, manufacturers, system integrators and research institutes interested in the development of the next generation of miniaturized spectrometers.

Dr John Phair, Chief Technical Officer of Pyreos will discuss Novel MidIR-Analyzer for rapid point of care blood diagnostics and how the benefits of this technology removes the need for complex laboratory testing, alleviating the need for time-consuming sample transport and bring sampling closer to the patient.

He said:  “Our involvement in this workshop provides Pyreos with a great opportunity to interact with the robust German spectroscopy community in advancing next generation, smaller and cheaper spectrometers and to open up an extensive new field of applications.

“Our presentation will focus on the use of mid-infrared spectroscopy in its miniaturized form to measure several marker substances in blood sera and whole blood in parallel, to demonstrate its benefits for point-of-care testing.”

The Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS specialises in Smart Systems Integration by using micro- and nano technologies.  The institute develops single components, technologies for their manufacturing as well as system concepts and system integration technologies and transfers them into production. It also offers research and development services from the idea, via design and technology development or realization based on established technologies to tested prototypes.

Pyreos was recently awarded a grant of almost £1m from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK to help drive forward the next generation of its world-class thin-film pyroelectric infrared sensors.