The latest evolution in the ezPyro™ product family, exhibiting all the advantages of the integrated ezPyro™ digital ecosystem in a TO-39 package.

Highest SNR in an integrated digital package

The latest evolution in the ezPyro™ product family, with all the advantages of the ezPyro™ in a TO-39 package. SNR is 40% higher than for the analog TO39 range.

Our first digital TO-39 pyroelectric infrared sensors are targeted at flame applications.  The wide field of view enables >110° detection coupled with a very fast response time.

Lower system cost

Integrated analog front end (AFE) with ADC includes ampplification, filters and power management. Reduces external component count and BOM including Opamps, voltage regulator, voltage reference.

Easy to develop

It is fully digital and fully software configurable, enabling shorter design cycles with no hardware changes and the end-product is tunable in operation. The I2C bus digital interface allows plug-and-play connectivity to a microcontroller and a full software library with open API is available to download.  Each available channel can be individually configured. EzPyro™ TO is well suited to applications requiring power optimisation.

Fast switch on

The unique thin film pyroelectric sensors inside ezPyro™ have a fast response time, high sensitivity and SNR, and a large dynamic range. They work across a wide temperature range and will operate normally despite thermal shocks. They are mechanically robust.  The Pyreos sensors benefit from both the advanced performance of our thin-film pyroelectric sensor and the integration of the digital ASIC within a single packaged sensor.

The ezPyro™ TO sensors are available in a number of configurations currently targeted specifically at flame detection. A number of application specific filter options are available for flame detection and rejection.

Custom filters available

If the wavelength you need isn’t listed just contact us.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Packing a great deal of performance into this TO-39 package, ezPyro™ TO combines a single pyroelectric sensor element with a digital ASIC. Wavelength-specific sensing is achieved using factory configured optical filters.  Future variants will include gas detection.  Please contact Pyreos for more information.

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Key features & benefits

  • Better detection distances  Across all flame frequencies
  • Fully digital – I2C;
    • Short design cycles
    • Fully tuneable in operation
    • Reduced component count
  • Wide field of view for flame detection
  • Fast detection time
  • Instant switch-on

Ideal for

  • Fire & Safety
  • Water Cannons
  • Flame Detection
  • Outdoor Fire Detectors


Datasheet Download Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4
ezPyro TO Flame Sensor Short Form Datasheet Download ePR44252 ePR44282 ePR44292 ePR44212
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Evaluation kits

Pyreos has a range of easy-to-use, PC compatible demonstration kits available immediately for rapid and full evaluation of our sensor technology. Our evaluation kits typically use standard and well known, off-the-shelf electronic components to take our sensor output signal and digitise it, so that it can be transferred and analysed via USB interface on a standard Windows-based PC.

More information and ordering

Case Studies

Networked gunfire detection and identification systems for indoor applications

Gunshots generate noise, shock, and muzzleflash. Pyreos IR sensors analyse the flash. This system is used in schools, malls, offices and retail.

Pyreos gunshot detection graphic